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Long-term market success is determined by the quality of service and the product. As a result, quality management is pivotal to any business - regardless of whether it is mandatory in individual departments and regulated by a set of standards, or implemented on a voluntary basis.

Quality management software and results

The aim of a quality management system is to maintain and continuously monitor and improve the quality of systems, processes, and products, as well as the quality of services. This means that it also serves to optimize business processes, external and internal business communication, and stakeholder satisfaction (e.g. clients and employees).

Transparency and acceptance

In order to tap into the real benefits of a quality management system or integrated management system, employees need to be able to access the relevant information quickly and easily.
This means that information must always be up-to-date and in line with reality, which can only succeed in the long term if both the maintenance and administration of the system require minimal effort for all parties involved.
This is where ConSense solutions and products come in: Because software is only effective and profitable when the user accepts it, understands it, and - in an ideal world - enjoys working with it. This is partly helped by the fact that employees only receive the information that they actually need - as simply, clearly, and quickly as possible.

ConSense solutions:

  • ...reduce the administrative burden through a reduction of time-consuming maintenance and routine tasks.
  • ...increase the acceptance and usefulness of the company's management systems through intuitive graphical process visualization.
  • ...reduce the management system's workload at all levels of the company through personalized information.
  • ...administer all the required management systems and standards, including process depiction, manual, audits, etc.
  • ...create a complete revision of processes, documents, manual chapters, etc. with automatically generated change histories.
  • any document types (e.g. Microsoft® Office, OpenOffice, CAD, and multimedia files).
  • ...facilitate the transition from quality management to knowledge management.
  • ...ensure a uniform appearance through the integrated process editor, which allows free modeling of processes.
  • ...can be linked to existing intranet and internet solutions.
  • ...facilitate the mapping of additional standards.
  • ...are scalable from small businesses to international corporations.

Technical perfection and usability

We strive for technically perfect software solutions when it comes to mapping your content and harmonizing your standards and guidelines. That’s why our focus is always on usability. Our aim is for every user to work with “their” own personalized ConSense software and to integrate this into their daily work routine.
What we expect from all our software solutions:


The quick, simple, and cost-effective entry into the world of software-supported process and quality management - for companies from all industries and with low complexity management systems.


The tailor-made process and quality management software solution for professional and configurable management systems - suitable for companies from all industries and for small to medium-sized businesses.


The highly configurable process and quality management software solution for decentralized and complex management systems with distributed organizational structures - for companies from all industries and from SMEs to international corporate groups.

Success and references

It comes as no surprise that ConSense users are satisfied customers, and have been growing in number since 2003. You can find a selection of our references here.

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