ConSense ScientificAward

Interdisciplinary Award for New Approaches in Quality and Integrated Management

How does a lived and accepted Integrated Management System of the future look like? Whether technical, personnel or organizational approach - anyone who deals with this topic as a part of a research project can apply for the ConSense ScientificAward until August 30, 2019. The interdisciplinary ConSense ScientificAward 2019 is aimed at young academics, who, as part of their bachelor, master, engineering diploma, PhD or MBA thesis in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, have dealt with issues that promote a lived and accepted management system. The thesis must be written in German. This year we are offering this interdisciplinary award for the third time.

With the ConSense ScientificAward, we want to emphasize the vitality and acceptance of quality management on the one hand and also offer graduates a forum to present their work to an expert audience and to exchange ideas with like-minded people on the other hand.

Master's thesis on combining cybernetics with lean management wins the race

The winner of the 3rd ConSense ScientificAward 2019 has been announced: The expert jury consisting of Prof. Dr. Mendling (Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration - WU Vienna and Board Member of the Society for Process Management), Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rosenbaum (Dresden University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering) and Dr.-Ing. Sommerhoff (DGQ) awarded the work of Carola Roll, submitted to the Danube University Krems.
At the ConSense user conference, she was recognized for her master's thesis with the title "Organisation for Self-Organisation: Designing an Effective Lean Management System in Medium-sized Plant and Machine Construction Using a Viable System Model". In this thesis, the award winner demonstrates that cybernetics, often perceived as a somewhat unwieldy universal science, is also fully justified as a modern management tool and enters into a perfect symbiosis, especially in combination with Lean Management, with which she has numerous thematic points of contact.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the jury once again and congratulate Carola Roll, winner of the ConSense ScientificAward 2019!

„Es ist uns eine Herzensangelegenheit, den Nachwuchs zu fördern und gleichzeitig das Gebiet des Qualitätsmanagements auf diese Weise branchenübergreifend zu unterstützen.“

Dr. Iris Bruns, Geschäftsführerin der ConSense GmbH