Know-how and expertise from professionals

The ConSense team has extensive know-how and many years of experience in the areas of process and quality management: from software architecture and development, IT consulting and project management to complex process structures. Additionally, our employees distinguish themselves through specific and profound knowledge in many industries and markets - after more than 10,000 project days since the company was founded.

Dedication and professionalism

Our team demonstrates its commitment and professionalism on a daily basis, whether it be in consulting, implementation or training. Extraordinary challenges require extraordinary solutions and attention to detail - even when the outcomes seem inconspicuous. Such high level of commitment of our team is rewarded with an excellent acceptance of our solutions by users and the success of our consulting services with our customers.

Qualification and personality

We systematically promote the development and exchange of knowledge among our employees. Existing competencies and knowledge generated from daily business are continuously collected, distributed and further developed. In this way, the skills relating to accepted, living and optimised management systems are consistently built up and expanded upon. This includes a profound knowledge of standards and regulations as well as topics such as change and project management.
Just as important as the purely technical qualifications and experience is the personality of our employees. Well-considered action, professionalism, reliability, ability to work in a team, persuasiveness and motivation are qualities that are indispensable for successful work in interdisciplinary teams and projects. An excellent team for excellent success!

Science and research

The strong relationship with the RWTH Aachen University (RWTH) is an important know-how factor for our company. The exchange with various institutes and chairs of the RWTH Aachen University and the proximity to the development site of new technologies enable research of management systems. The continuous involvement and participation in research and industrial projects enables the building of knowledge and developments for the future.

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