Increase acceptance among employees

Acceptance by employees is crucial

A QM system in a company is only effective if it is accepted by the employees. In order for this to happen, its operation and maintenance must involve minimal effort. It is also important that the employees only receive the information they need, that it is up to date and quick to understand.

User-friendly and intuitive usability

Our software solutions focus on intuitive usability and a clear presentation of all processes and documents of your quality management. In this way, you reduce the time and maintenance effort for all those involved and achieve a high level of acceptance of the QM system in your company. Even extensive training on the use of the system  for existing or new employees is no longer necessary.

Personalisation and fast retrieval of information

On its personalised interface, every user can find exactly the information that is important to them in a graphical process display. At a glance, they can quickly see what has changed since their last login. The information is always up to date, linked documents and process steps can easily be called up at any time with a mouse-click.

Up-to-date information

User rights can be limited to read-only access. With the help of numerous functions, the employee always has access to the information he needs in his daily business, but cannot make any changes. Those employees who have edit rights can make changes promptly and easily. This ensures that the system is always up to date.

If you are interested in more information on the subject of employee acceptance, please read our white paper on this topic.

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