Paper-based quality manuals belong to the past

Digitalise your quality management

"Let’s get rid of our dusty quality manual and replace it with a digital tool that reaches out to and engages our staff directly."

Sounds familiar? Give your paper quality management manual a makeover and transfer your quality contents to a contemporary digital quality management solution that will provide you with so much more ...

DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 has adapted to todays reality in companies: Documentation is often produced in a computer or web-based form. A printed quality manual is not feasible and is no longer required by the standard.

Tap the potential of a digitalised quality manual with ConSense software

Quality content stored digitally in the software solutions by ConSense is always up-to-date. Documents are controlled entirely via configurable review and approval workflows. In case of changes, the documented information is revised without gaps. The systems allows you to monitor document revisions, checks, releases and pending tasks at all times.

The digital ConSense IMS|QMS|PMS quality manual gives employees access only to valid and up-to-date information relevant to their activities and responsibilities. 

And: You can easily import your existing quality management manual into ConSense IMS|QMS|PMS for continued use.

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