Seamless revision

Reduce your workload through automation

Managing a manual document versioning system is a time consuming and tedious task, with outdated information still being a common result.   To avoid unauthorised changes, a PDF is commonly created and uploaded to the company's intranet to assist in tracking versions. However, the employees involved often do not know where to find the current version. Old revisions have to be archived manually and employees have to be informed individually by e-mail.

With ConSense solutions, you can considerably simplify and automate your revision process. The software fulfils all requirements within the scope of a standardised document control system. It manages a seamless revision of processes, documents, manual chapters and provides a historical overview of revisions. 

Secure archiving of old revision versions

Old revision versions are automatically archived and can be viewed by authorised users at any time. Employees have access to the latest version of a process or document. Changes are graphically highlighted and can be identified quickly and easily.

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