Workflow management software

Automate your processes with our workflow management software

With ConSense’s Workflow Management Software, documents and processes – or other elements such as actions - automatically follow predefined workflows.  Determine the stages your document or process should pass, e.g. in the course of a review or approval procedure. Depict the different stages graphically in the system, determine responsibilities for each state and configure e-mail alerts accordingly. This way, documents and processes will automatically reach those who need the information or who will process it further.

Workflow Management Software: Structured flow of information

A well-structured flow of information reduces your workload and enhances your means to monitor and control your processes. Therefore, it is useful to interlink your processes and predefined workflows to create automated paths of review and approval. The ConSense IMS|QMS|PMS software with its modular extensions provides this linkage and brings your quality management to life.

Fast, error-free and traceable processes

ConSense FORMS is another valuable software tool to support your workflow management. Within your quality or integrated management system, the process flow charts belonging to your specification documentation are linked to matching forms. These will automatically be forwarded to those responsible for the respective step. Your operational process determines the specifications stored in the attached form. Depending on the process phase in progress, relevant input blocks are enabled for completion in the corresponding form while others are read-only. This helps to accelerate all processes, reduce errors and support traceability. Additional asset: automated workflows ease your effort to send out such additional e-mail notifications. This task is also automatically performed by the software sending out notifications to the persons in charge.

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