Action management with electronic support

Put an end to paperwork - software-supported action management

Work directives have to be updated, employee training is due, a hazardous area on the company premises has to be eliminated or a product recall has to be initiated: Actions arise in companies in different areas and on the largest possible scale. Whether it is a small task that needs to be completed quickly or an extensive project that needs to be broken down into several stages, important questions need to be addressed, including:

  • Which departments, teams or individual employees should be assigned to work on it?
  • Who is responsible for implementation?
  • And how can the main task be controlled within the planned time frame?

Central administration and follow-up can only succeed with a functioning action management system - a task that requires electronic support. 

The key topics in this technical report

  • Functioning action management with ConSense
  • Central instance for recording and coordination
  • All tasks at a glance with the ConSense Taskboard
  • Reliable implementation and effectiveness checks

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