In-house QM marketing for a lively QM system

With targeted in-house marketing actions to an accepted and lived quality management system

An electronic quality management system supports companies in achieving and maintaining the specified requirements for their products or services in a quality-controlled manner. In addition to ensuring quality, such a system uncovers potential sources of error before they develop into real problems. Moreover, it enables employees to concentrate on their core business by automatically taking over routine tasks. Clear processes ensure unambiguous guidelines within the workforce. Functioning quality management (QM) is therefore a real competitive advantage and thus a decisive factor for entrepreneurial success.

Acceptance by employees

In order to meet the complex requirements and comply with the relevant standards as well as to create an organisational regulatory framework, many companies and organisations today rely on a software-based quality management system (QMS), often under the umbrella of an integrated management system (IMS). The introduction of a technical solution alone brings significant benefits. However, in order for this to be successful and to really fulfil the intended goals, one thing is crucial: acceptance by those who are to use the system in everyday work. Because a quality or integrated management system must be practised - and that only works if the added value is recognisable for the user.

Main topics in this technical report

  • Classic hurdles on the way to acceptance
  • User-friendly overall concept
  • Quality managers as mediators
  • AIDA model
  • Arousing attention and interest
  • Generating demand - through real added value
  • Advocates promote success


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