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ConSense GmbH: The Leading Technological Supplier of Process and Quality Management Software

ConSense GmbH develops cross-industry, holistic process management and quality management software, as well as integrated management system software. User-friendly, modularly constructed, and scalable – meaning that our solutions fulfils many different requirements: from QM systems that are DIN EN ISO 9001 compliant and can map numerous other standards to systems that are GxP compliant. Whether your company is small, medium-sized, or a large international corporation: We have a tailor-made solution for every type of business.

Our software for quality management systems (QMS), process management systems (PMS) and integrated management systems (IMS) is available as ENTERPRISE, PROFESSIONAL or COMPACT version depending on your requirements. Take a look at the respective tool right away! 

The highly configurable process and quality management software solution for decentralized and complex management systems with distributed organizational structures - for SME to large enterprises and for all industries.

The tailor-made process and quality management software solution for professional and configurable management systems - suitable for companies from all industries and for small to medium-sized businesses.

The quick, simple, and cost-effective entry into the world of software-supported processes and quality management - for companies from all industries with less complex management systems.

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ConSense Software: More Than Just a QM software

We have the right management solution for your company. With ConSense you can balance many management areas under one roof:

and others.

A management software as a handbook for your company.

That is not all: For the ConSense GmbH team, the goal is only achieved when the ConSense software is effectively implemented in the customer's company, when employees have experienced the benefits and enjoy using the qm software in their daily work. We have made it our mission to bring accepted and lived quality management systems and integrated management systems into companies. 

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