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Quality Management Secures Advantages in the Competition for Patients and Budgets

In hospitals, attention is also increasingly turning to the topic of process and quality management in health and social policy discussions.

Processes and Savings Potentials

Transparent and efficient quality management can simplify the processes in hospitals and open up substantial savings potentials. The better cooperation also improves satisfaction amongst your staff as well as patients.

Laws and Liability

However, the requirements from the quality management and regulatory framework often represent a significant additional burden in the health care sector. Numerous provisions, regulations, laws, and standards need to be complied with for reasons of liability.

Organizational Structures and Functions

Yet, scant personnel and time resources are available to introduce a quality management system. And, hospitals in particular also have extremely complex organizational structures (clinics, wards, laboratories) with a multitude of job descriptions and specifications. The departments (clinics) generally have different manuals as well as different perspectives of the examination and treatment processes.

Benefits and Functions

The ConSense process and quality management solutions offer hospitals the following benefits and functions, among others:

  • The ConSense solutions clearly, simply, and quickly map complex organizational structures (clinics, wards, laboratories) with different job descriptions and specifications.
  • The QM officer is relieved from time-consuming routine activities, such as archiving and revisioning, change histories, as well as planning audits, etc.
  • Clinic management also clearly portrays its responsible and forward-looking position beyond the regulatory requirements to create a significant edge in the competition for patients and budgets.
  • Departments (clinics) have different manuals and therefore different perspectives and areas of focus in examination and treatment processes, which always need to be transparent and perfectly coordinated when working with a patient.
  • The complexity and quality of different documents and forms varies considerably. ConSense ensures that employees always maintain an overview.
  • It can also be connected to KIS systems.
  • Standards: KTQ, DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025, HACCP, GHP (Good Hospital Practice), etc.

A comparison of all ConSense solutions

We have drawn up a clear comparison table so that you can see all the functions, interfaces, expansion possibilities, and standards of the ConSense COMPACT, PROFESSIONAL, and ENTERPRISE solutions at a glance.

Here you can find a selection of our references.

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