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Excellence Requires Professional Quality Management

Increasing national and international competition in the field of education and research is placing great demands on maximum performance. Quality must be measurable and processes must be made transparent. This requires the sensible use of available resources, simplified processes, and space to be created for optimization processes.

Benefits and Functions

The ConSense solutions give the responsible managers at education and research institutions an integrated and transparent overview of quality management with the following functions:

  • Complex university and education structures can be mapped.
  • Distributed working is supported by workflows for project teams.
  • Knowledge-intensive processes can, for example, be modeled in a typically rough sequence in various phases.
  • Traditional business processes, in which the sequence of the activities to be performed are already known, can also be modeled.
  • Links can be established between the processes, and, in the ConSense ENTERPRISE for example, variants to display different procedural models are possible. Administration processes can be analyzed and optimized.

The quality of education with a view to comparability with international degrees is ensured.

A comparison of all ConSense solutions

We have drawn up a clear comparison table so that you can see all the functions, interfaces, expansion possibilities, and standards of the ConSense COMPACT, PROFESSIONAL, and ENTERPRISE solutions at a glance.

Here you can find a selection of our references.

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