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Quality Management Guarantees Perfect Services

Services are intangible performances that cannot be manufactured to stock or stored. They are provided directly to the customer. Customer perspective and satisfaction are therefore particularly important. Service quality is often difficult to measure and review. Numerous companies also combine the manufacture of tangible products and the provision of services.

Quality Expectation and Customers

Customer quality expectations from service providers have risen enormously and with it the necessity to ensure high quality with a comprehensive management system and to standardize processes. The main challenge is creating quality awareness and a quality mindset amongst all employees involved in providing the service, which supports the entire process of providing the service.

Quality Standards and Optimization Potentials

The ConSense solutions let you develop and document quality standards, as well as identify and utilize improvement potentials.

For example,

  • project and staff planning,
  • costing details,
  • posting of time, material, and costs, as well as
  • budget management

can be easily and clearly structured.

Standards and Certification

All standards that apply for your company can be conveniently integrated. This allows you to ensure that you implement compliant processes and that services are provided in the prescribed quality. This paves the way for certification, which is extremely valuable for service providers and represents a competitive edge as it makes the high quality of the intangible performance clearly visible for customers.

Interface Design and Corporate Communication

The ConSense solutions in process and quality management also meet the specific requirements for interface design and corporate communication that arise in service companies. Employees are actively integrated into the QM system and are involved in optimization processes.

Ease of Use and Employee Acceptance

Know-how that was previously linked to individual knowledge carriers is made accessible to all involved and is always up-to-date. The intuitive operation of the ConSense solutions leads to quick and high employee acceptance. It ensures that quality awareness becomes a fixed part of everyday activities.

Project and Planning

Among other things, process owners receive:

  • detailed project plans,
  • transparent project evaluations,
  • results of customer surveys,
  • an overview of the use of the relevant resources, and
  • any deviations from the budget.

This enables rapid responses to ongoing projects and optimal planning for new projects.

A comparison of all ConSense solutions

We have drawn up a clear comparison table so that you can see all the functions, interfaces, expansion possibilities, and standards of the ConSense COMPACT, PROFESSIONAL, and ENTERPRISE solutions at a glance.

Here you can find a selection of our references.

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