Hamburger Hochbahn AG

Web-based information system for all bus drivers of Hamburger Hochbahn AG

On three underground lines and over 100 bus lines, the Hamburger HOCHBAHN offers the population of Hamburg and its surroundings transport services of the highest quality. With over 4,400 qualified employees and around one million passengers a day, it is the second largest local transport company in Germany and the largest partner in the Hamburg Transport Association (HVV).

HOCHBAHN also focuses on quality in its internal organisation. To efficiently manage and distribute all regulations and service instructions relevant to bus operations, the company has introduced the integrated management system IMS ENTERPRISE from ConSense. For example, rules and regulations such as BOKraft and DFBus, process descriptions and internal service instructions are managed centrally and are always available in the latest version. HOCHBAHN also uses the Audit and Action Management of ConSense.

In the first step, the information was made available to a selected group of users. In the second step, the bus operation processes are recorded and linked to the corresponding documents. The goal is to roll out the application to all employees in bus operations equipped with a PC in the first stage. In the second step, the approximately 1,800 bus drivers of HOCHBAHN will then be given access via the intranet using the ConSense Reader and will be able to call up the regulations and documents relevant to them in the valid form at any time using their Internet browser on their PC in the company or from home. Employees move around in their individual ConSense work environment, in which the service instructions are linked to their respective work processes. Control of the corresponding access rights is largely automatic; ConSense is synchronised with the necessary basic information from the personnel system via the integrated LDAP directory.

When selecting a suitable software, HOCHBAHN's project team opted for ConSense primarily because of its strong process orientation. Frank Sippel, head of the bus operations department at Hamburg's HOCHBAHN and responsible for the ConSense system and control, finds the clear definition of tasks related to documents very helpful: "This makes it clear exactly who is responsible for document processing: who creates a document, who checks it, who releases it - and what has already been processed. We can also track revisions at every step, document the changes and compare the different versions. This makes it easy to make documents available to all employees in the valid form at all times".

Steffen Rothhardt, head of bus operations and BOKraft operations manager at HOCHBAHN, confirms the positive experience: "The ConSense consultants supported us during the implementation and through introductory training in the first project phase. This enabled us to achieve good results very quickly. We can implement the roll out in the entire bus area and the further operation and expansion of the solution on our own. After the good experience with the basic functions, we want to use the entire scope of IMS ENTERPRISE and also implement further modules such as Audit Management or Action Management".

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