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Almost as robust as diamonds and versatile: corundum is the second hardest naturally occurring mineral. Thanks to its thermal stability and chemical resistance, it is in great demand in industry. Since the end of the 19th century, corundum can also be produced synthetically. Imerys Fused Minerals Laufenburg GmbH (formerly Treibacher Schleifmittel) is one of the most important producers of synthetic corundum and supplies large quantities of this product to subsequent industries. The company is part of the Imerys Fused Minerals group of companies headquartered in Villach, Austria, which operates ten production sites worldwide, a number of sales offices and has its own research centre in Villach. In Laufenburg, where one of the two German plants is situated, the company mainly produces fused alumina and ceramic powders.

"The working mineral" - highly demanded in many industries

Its versatility has earned the high-quality material corundum the nickname "The working mineral". Its special properties, the sharp-edged, extremely hard grains, make it one of the most frequently used minerals in the abrasives industry. The corundum produced at Imerys Fused Minerals is used for products such as abrasive paper or discs. They are also in demand in areas where abrasion and wear resistance is required, e.g. for the manufacture of tiles, laminates, paints or concrete floors. Thanks to their high temperature resistance with a melting point of more than 2,000 °C, white corundum is also used for the production of refractory linings for furnaces and melting furnaces or for the production of metal casting moulds. In powder form, they are an important component of filter technology or sensors. Synthetic corundum is produced from high-quality bauxites and aluminas using state-of-the-art technology in electric arc furnaces, crushed in high-performance mills to the desired grain shape and sorted into various sizes and classification processes in accordance with international standards. A careful selection of suitable raw materials, which are procured worldwide, is a prerequisite for the high-quality products that the group of companies manufactures at its various production sites. Reliable quality management is of particular importance throughout the company. In order to guarantee the various requirements of demanding customers from very different industries at all times, all activities at Imerys Fused Minerals are carried out in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality management standard. In addition, many other standards and specifications must be met, such as ISO TS 16949, which is the standard for suppliers to the automotive industry.

Up-to-date software for electronic forms management

In 2003, the decision was therefore made to introduce ConSense IMS ENTERPRISE. The integrated management system, developed by ConSense GmbH in Aachen, Germany, brings together all standards and regulations relevant to Imerys Fused Minerals, e.g. from areas such as quality management, environmental protection and occupational safety, under a uniform interface. The ConSense solutions are scalable, grow with the needs of their users and can be expanded as desired through a variety of modules.

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