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Continuously optimised quality concept with ConSense IMS|QMS|PMS

When the moment has come, people wish for a care facility that is person-centred in a loving and familiar environment. Kleeblatt Pflegeheime gGmbH has turned this wish into a concept. The association consists of 25 small establishments with a maximum of 30 beds, spread over many villages in the Ludwigsburg district - so that people in need of care can continue to stay in their familiar surroundings.

"You don't replant an old tree" - is also the motto of this non-profit company. The idea was a courageous venture as small nursing homes were considered financially uneconomical. The concept, however, works. To ensure feedback remains positive and because things can always be improved, Kleeblatt gGmbH introduced ConSense IMS in 2011.

IT-supported satisfaction management simplifies evaluation

The nursing facilities benefit from the clear description of the individual processes, which saves a lot of time in everyday work and prevents conflicts. In addition, the system facilitates the creation of uniform quality standards across all homes. A robust satisfaction management system is particularly important to the non-profit company. Sandra Sauter explains: "What is important to us is an open culture towards fault reporting with an easy complaints management system for residents, relatives and employees. Feedback is a topic that we have to deal with carefully, because we have a very sensitive customer relationship that is characterised by a certain dependency".

Reporting culture

ConSense FORMS is an intelligent, simple and intuitive form system that was developed for this purpose. Key figures can be generated from the wishes and complaints recorded in the system. This makes the feedback measurable and quantifiable in order to determine concrete steps, link them to action management and provide immediate feedback to the complainant. The newly established satisfaction management system has proven itself in everyday work. "By using ConSense IMS, we have started to re-think the way we used to address faults. Initially we would identify the fault and address it with the responsible party. Now with ConSense, we have moved on to a culture of treating the complaint as a learning moment for everyone to benefit from as a team. It is heartening to see that our people (whether it is our residents or employees) can relax confidently in knowing that their concerns are taken seriously" says the QM representative happily.

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