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Schutz & Rettung Zürich is a service department within the Safety & Security Department of the City of Zurich and the largest civil rescue organisation in Switzerland. The department unites under its roof the fire brigade, rescue service, civil defence, fire police of the city of Zurich and a higher technical school for rescue professions.  Schutz & Rettung employs around 650 people. Since 2008, Zurich Airport's fire and rescue services with their operational areas and services have also been integrated into Schutz & Rettung Zürich.

Thanks to the strong networking of intervention and prevention units, the service department enables optimal civil protection and highly effectively coordinated rescue operations.  All processes are controlled by a comprehensive ConSense management system.

To ensure that all employees of the various departments can be closely integrated into the IMS, it must be easy, fast and intuitive to use, and all relevant data must be clearly displayed.  In today's variety of systems and requirements, the configurability of an IMS is of central importance and ultimately determines its applicability and acceptance within the company.  Compared to conventional QM systems, ConSense has therefore greatly simplified navigation and integrated faster search functions into the system. Each user is shown exactly those processes and related documents that he needs for his work at the corresponding time. This saves unnecessary search time and at the same time guarantees that the information supply of each individual employee is complete and up-to-date.

Schutz & Rettung uses ConSense primarily for its QM system, but has also integrated occupational safety, risk management and ICS as well as the requirements of the Interverband für Rettungswesen (German Rescue Services Association). This is done with the goal of fulfilling legal and customer requirements, making processes reproducible and traceable as well as improving continuously and systematically.

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