Measuring public satisfaction with municipal services

Wilhelmshaven Technical Services with software-supported quality management

The city of Wilhelmshaven in northwest Germany has a population of just under 80,000. When it comes to waste or wastewater disposal, how street cleaning and winter services are carried out, how roads and bridges are built and repaired, or how cemeteries, green spaces or playgrounds are maintained, then the municipal company Technische Betriebe Wilhelmshaven (TBW) with its 260 employees is in charge.

TBW wants to convince its customers - the citizens of Wilhelmshaven - with performance and quality. For about 15 years, the company has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001, i.e. quality and environmental management. This certification, which was previously managed in paper form with a great deal of administrative effort, was reorganised in 2012. Dirk Janssen, representative for the integrated management system at TBW, remembers:  The explicit goal of Dirk Janssen, the plant managers, Tim Menke (Technical Operations Manager) and Holger Kullik (Commercial Operations Manager) was to achieve more transparency and efficiency with the software-supported documentation system in order to gain more time for the actual task of quality and environmental management.

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