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Organic juice manufacturer Voelkel relies on ConSense

Rooted for generations in Wendland in Lower Saxony, the Voelkel GmbH celebrates its 75th anniversary this year.  The manufacturer employs about 145 employees and offers more than 155 different organic and Demeter fruit juices, fruit juice variations, vegetable juices and soft drinks.  In order to meet the constantly growing requirements and standards and to guarantee a constant high quality, Voelkel has been using the ConSense IMS ENTERPRISE Management System since the beginning of the year.  

Jakob Voelkel, Quality, Environment and Energy Manager:  "Until 2010, we tried to manage our quality management with a Windows-based system we created ourselves. However, we had problems keeping our system up to date because of the increasing maintenance effort - also due to the number of quality standards that had to be met.  So we looked around for a professional solution".

Voelkel has chosen ConSense IMS ENTERPRISE, a system that manages ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001 for environmental management and ISO 16001 for energy management in a user-friendly interface.

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