COMPACT: The Tool at a Glance

Personalized Approach and Overview

ConSense software compiles all the information relevant for each employee. All employees automatically receive the updated and applicable version of the processes and documents that are important for their work. They can also display revision changes graphically, making them transparent and easy to follow. The system automatically prompts employees to take note of any new or revised items, ensuring a uniform information status. In addition, employees only receive the information that they really need.

Tasks in the form of examinations, approvals, and appointments are displayed for the associated user. Managers can view the current key data, personnel information, etc. This automatic distribution of information is made possible by the roles and rights systems stored within the software, embedded in a representation of the organizational structure that is in line with reality.

Process Management

Thanks to its intuitive operation, the integrated process editor allows for quick and simple modeling of processes, adapted to specific requirements without technical specifications. The modeling tool can be tailored to companies’ individual requirements: It includes many symbols (DIN 66001 and EPK standards), and process modeling in swim lanes is also supported. Existing process descriptions can be transferred via defined interfaces. Further information, such as responsibilities, investments, input, and output, can be stored for entire processes as well as for individual process steps.

Processes are subject to automated revision and their corresponding checking and approval workflows that can be configured by the user. Processes, such as initial, subsequent, partial, or sub-processes, can be linked to each other or to documents, so that the ConSense software creates a dynamic process landscape that is always up-to-date and functional.

Document Management

With ConSense software you can store any type of document (e.g. Microsoft® Office or OpenOffice documents, PDFs, CAD designs, images), and this can be edited if necessary. Documents integrated in this way can be managed, manipulated, and revised. PDF versions of documents can be created and issued automatically, if desired. In addition, integrated text processing allows you to create basic documents, such as checklists and SOPs/operating instructions.

Documents are subject to automated revision and their corresponding checking and approval workflows that can be configured by the user. Headers and footers can be inserted with ConSense fields and automatically updated following changes. Documents can be linked to each other or to processes. Existing links are also automatically updated during revisions.


Content items, such as documents and processes, are revised in their entirety through ConSense software. As soon as a new revision is created, the system assigns it a unique sequential number, whereby major and minor revisions are possible.
Depending on individual requirements, items can either simply be published without further testing or go through an automated checking and approval workflow.

When the new revision is approved, all employees are automatically notified of the change via email or on their overview page. They can also display revision changes graphically and acknowledge receipt of the message. As a result, revision changes are transparent and easy to understand. Archived revision statuses can be viewed at any time by authorized employees.

Approval Workflow

Electronic approval workflows simplify routine revision tasks. A range of configurable electronic checking and approval workflows can be stored for content items, such as documents and processes, depending on their type and on their specific requirements. In the most basic cases, the content item can be published as soon as it has been created without any further verification. But these workflows can also have several different stages if required: An item is created and then approved by someone else (the four-eyes principle). Alternatively, it can be checked by someone else before being approved by a third person (the six-eyes principle).

When a new revision item has been approved, all employees involved are automatically notified of the change, either via email or on their overview page.


ConSense software includes a wide-ranging analysis and report portfolio. This includes core reports, providing you with an overview of responsibilities for revision items or the current status of revision items, for example.

Reports are used to support audits, with standard views that display the references to processes for each standard chapter, for example. This is implemented during the modeling phase by providing processes with direct references to the corresponding standard chapters.

Additional reports on transparency and strategic quality management show interactions within the process structure, frequency of changes, or documents without references to the process, for example.

Integrated Action Management

Actions can be created in the ConSense software wherever the need for concrete actions arises, e.g., in processes, audit reports, key data, or complaints.
The responsibility for implementing, controlling, and checking the effectiveness of these actions can be specifically defined in the workflows. The responsible employees are automatically informed of newly assigned actions by email, so employees will only be able to view the actions that are relevant for them.

The implementation or effectiveness of an action often has to be checked by someone in another position. ConSense software provides effective action management thanks to its multi-step monitoring: Depending on requirements, an optional implementation review and effectiveness test can be defined, logged, and evaluated - with responsible individuals assigned and deadlines at each respective stage.

Minimal Demands on IT Resources

ConSense software only places minor demands on the required IT environment.

Minimal effort is required for system implementation, installation, and maintenance.

It is based on a database with MySQL.

A comparison of all ConSense solutions

We have drawn up a clear comparison table so that you can see all the functions, interfaces, expansion possibilities, and standards of the ConSense COMPACT, PROFESSIONAL, and ENTERPRISE solutions at a glance.

Here you can find a selection of our references.

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