ConSense GDPR for Reliable Data Protection Management

With our software solution ConSense GDPR we offer an automated data protection management system

General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR) is effective since May 2018.

On the 25 of May 2018 ended the transitional period of the European General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR).  In accordance with the regulation, it is mandatory for all companies and organizations who collect or process personal data, to document their activities by means of a transparent data protection concept. 

Is Your Data Privacy EU-GDPR compliant? 

What are the new requirements and how can they best be implemented?

The solution is here: Use an electronic data protection management system. Implement the ConSense GDPR software solution to establish a transparent and reliable data protection management system that efficiently supports complience with the EU-GDPR.

  • Accountability
  • Standard documentation
  • Process modelling
  • Audit
  • Responsibilities 
  • Privacy impact assessment
  • Trainings and instructions 
  • List of processing activities
  • Data security measures / TOM 

Utilize synergies between Quality Management and Data Protection with an Integrated Management System

The synergies between QM and data protection management can be leveraged when using ConSense software solutions, which are also geared towards quality management. The new EU GDPR has many parallels to the procedures and structures of the DIN EN ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard. Anyone who already has an existing QM system will therefore find it much easier to comply with the new requirements. You can build on what already exists and thus reduce your costs.

Advantages and functionalities of the ConSense GDPR Software

The EU GDPR includes changes in the areas of legal bases, handling of rights, documentation requirements, IT security, outsourcing, employment data, and liability. 

ConSense GDPR supports you in complying with EU-GDPR requirements, for example with:

  • the development of a management system that provides accountability, including standard documentation and data protection impact assessment with the associated audits
  • the organisation of demonstrable training and instruction activities
  • the creation of a directory of all processing activities involving personal data
  • the organisation of planning, implementation and follow-up of technical and organisational measures (TOM) for data security 
  • defining responsibilities
  • the modelling of detailed processes of deletion procedures and reporting obligations.

Start implementing the EU-GDPR now and set up a data-protection management system

Start now with the implementation and set up a data-protection management system, because violations can result in sensitive fines. However the implementation is not only worthwhile because you will avoid fines: Existing processes, which are also protected by data-protection laws increase the trust of customers and cooperation partners. 

Our experts support you with the integration of the EU GDPR into an existing system as well as with the introduction of the ConSense GDPR software. Do you have any questions? Then feel free to contact us or make an appointment for a presentation!

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