Module: Audit Management

Audit Management in Practice

Professional audit management helps companies plan, prepare for, implement, and follow-up on all audits, and continuously develops an integrated management system. In doing so, audit management must ensure compliance with current standards and regulations, including from the areas of quality, the environment, and OHS.

Systematic Organization, Reliable Control

The ConSense Audit Management module with connected Action Management supports participants across all audit phases with clear structures, the integration of business processes, the creation of the audit report, as well as the decentralized processing of non-conformities and actions.

Benefits and Functions

Support for All Audit Types and Plans

Product, system and process audits, including all necessary audit plans, are supported.

Central Planning, Implementation, and Control

Schedules and deadlines can be clearly monitored. The responsible persons are automatically notified in the event of delays or discrepancies in the result.

Customized Implementation

The implementation of the audits and the follow up of any actions are supported by workflows that have been individually tailored to the company.

Systematic and Detailed Documentation

Planning, results, and evaluation can be accessed in structured lists and clear diagrams. Audits and deviations can be saved as attachments as required.

Adjustment of the Findings

All evaluations can be aligned to the company’s requirements in importance and terminology.

Scalable Action Management

Depending on the finding, the introduced actions can be displayed, from the recommendation through to the successful effectiveness check.

Automatic Information

Participants can be automatically informed by email, especially in case of missed deadlines.

Adaptable Reports

Audit reports as well as associated findings and actions can be compiled as per your requirements.


Questionnaires and guidelines, including evaluation, can be defined.

Export Interfaces to Easily Exchange Information

All data is provided as a PDF or Excel document.

Offline audits (Additional option)

ConSense AuditPad for performing offline audits, without network access, from laptop or tablet with Windows operating system.

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