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eLearning in Practice

Planning, applying for, approving, implementing, and following-up on training sessions and development activities is extremely time consuming. Deadlines need to be specified, rooms reserved, and documents prepared. Participant lists need to be managed, and effectiveness assessments performed. If employees cannot be on-site on the training date, this must be tracked and follow-up training needs to be organized.

The potential time and resource savings are great. eLearning is a modern option that allows companies to efficiently implement their training and development activities online. eLearning particularly offers great benefits for companies with a large number of locations or field staff.

Quick and Easy

ConSense eLearning enables different types of eLearning for every requirement to be easily created and implemented as part of ConSense Training Management. For example, eLearning units, which consist of a tutorial and online test, can be quickly implemented. eLearning offers can also be connected with certain basic requirements, such as English proficiency, and linked to defined target qualifications.

Participants can evaluate the eLearning units that they have completed. Managers always have an overview of the participation status of their employees and can evaluate the effectiveness. ConSense eLearning creates efficient and structured processes and provides intelligent functions for the sustainable maintenance and improvement of employee training and development activities.

Benefits and Functions

Easy to Create

Different types of eLearning, e.g. tutorials with multiple choice tests, can be easily and quickly created.


Existing tutorials can be manually prepared, imported, or integrated via URL.

Convenient and Central Acquisition of All Data

All relevant information on the eLearning units, such as individuals, content, type of eLearning, deadlines, etc., are centrally recorded and coordinated.

Registration Management

Registrations to eLearning offers can be applied for by participants themselves, or by managers as required for employees, groups, or departments depending on requirements. Automatic prompts remind employees of their participation.

Location-Independent Training and Development Sessions

Employees at different locations or, for example, in field service, can receive training via eLearning units independent of their location.

Delayed Participation

Not all employees need to participate at the same time. Delayed participation in eLearning units is also possible. Managers can check the participation status of their employees at all times.

Full Integration

ConSense eLearning is an extension of the ConSense Training Management and Skill Management modules and can therefore be fully integrated into the ConSense Quality Management System.

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