Module: Hazardous Materials Management

Hazardous Materials Management in Practice

Hazardous Materials Management regulates the handling of hazardous materials in a company. The aim is to meet all prescribed health and environmental protection measures. Handling hazardous materials requires expertise and is associated with a substantial documentation, information, and training effort and expense.

Hazardous materials are subject to strict legal regulations, which must be carefully complied with in order to be able to meet all requirements regarding environmental protection and OHS at all times.

Information on hazardous materials, such as regarding their composition and quantity, their place of application, as well as the intended purpose must always be kept up-to-date and readily accessible if necessary. At the moment, these documents are often still tediously prepared manually using conventional word processing programs.

Measures and Implementation

The ConSense Hazardous Materials Management module helps companies reliably and simply implement health and environmental protection measures, as well as other legal regulations and guidelines. It provides a central administration and a clear structure. This ensures maximum transparency in the handling of hazardous materials. The time spent on creating documents and the ongoing administrative effort are significantly reduced.

Benefits and Functions

Systematic Inventory

All of the hazardous materials used in the company are recorded, cataloged, and administered in a structured manner. The place of application and storage location of a hazardous material, as well as the quantity ranges can be quickly and easily entered. The automatic archiving of the old statuses of the register entries also ensures seamless traceability. The information is updated centrally in the system.

Marking Based on Defined Standards

The H and P phrases (description of dangers and safety information) used to clearly mark chemicals as part of the global harmonized standard (GHS) are provided in German and English. Necessary documents, such as operating instructions, can be quickly and flexibly prepared. Text modules and pictograms can be used for the standardized GHS marking of hazardous materials.

Quick Provision and Automatic Distribution

Hazardous materials documents, such as operating instructions and legally prescribed hazardous materials reports and verifications, are compiled at the push of a button.

Review and Approval Workflow

The revision of operating instructions, as well as review and approval processes, takes place automatically. Resubmissions can also be created.

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