Module: Key Figures Management

Key Figures Management in Practice

The use of key figures is an important part of corporate management and is already required by relevant standards, such as ISO 9001 or IATF 16949.

Company processes are becoming increasingly intertwined. As a consequence, interactions between individual processes are increasing. This means that the measurement of process outputs is gaining importance in order to ensure that interfaces are transparent and manageable. In times of dynamic markets, an efficient key figures system, which enables quick responses to changes, is therefore essential.

Transparency and Strategy

The Key Figures Management module offers classic BI tool functions (Business Intelligence) as well as a direct reference to processes. The latest key figure is clearly visualized within the process charts. ConSense Key Figures Management brings together all the necessary information in terms of the PDCA cycle and establishes decision-making bases for continuous improvement management. This allows those responsible to immediately react to current events – for efficient business decisions that reduce costs and increase profits.

Benefits and Functions

Clear and Concise Data Visualization

Up-to-date company key figures is translated into succinct diagrams and flowcharts, which are compiled based on your own requirements. Target and actual values can be compared at a glance.

Individual Parameter Intervals

The display periods can be adapted to the company’s specific requirements (event, day, week, month, quarter, year) and parameters can be aggregated accordingly.

Flexible Entry of Parameters

Data input can either take place manually or automatically from external data sources. Import via connectors, such as SQL or Excel, enables data to be transferred from external systems.

Definition of Multiple Reference Values

The module allows the use of complex key figures with auxiliary key figures and mathematical functions. This means that ConSense ENTERPRISE can, for example, compare several locations or departments against one another.

Definition of Target Values and Performance Periods

Defined thresholds and data for every key figure help decision-makers achieve their intended objectives.

Automatic Escalation and Connection to Actions

Limit transgressions can be detected in order to derive personnel- and time-related actions – if connected to the Action Management module.

Preparation for Presentations

Individual reports can be exported to PDF, Excel or Word formats.

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