Module: Knowledge Management/WIKI

Knowledge Management in Practice

ConSense WIKI is a solution based on social media technologies, which allows companies to perfectly support their classic QM documentation. ConSense WIKI gives employees the opportunity to interactively share their knowledge and work together. The content of WIKI entries can be used to flexibly respond to new information. The entire employee knowledge pool can contribute to transparent and consensus-based decision-making. Quality management and dynamic knowledge management can also be combined to form an intelligent synergy.

WIKI and Employee Motivation

ConSense WIKI is ideal for gathering and structuring large amounts of information. Topic entries are quickly set up and can, for example, be linked to one of the controlled QM documents in the ConSense Quality Management System. This reduces search and inquiry times and simplifies the creation and revision of processes and documents.

The relevant number of WIKI references are displayed in a process or document, to which linked WIKI contents are available. Responsible persons and employees can also add topics to their favorites or subscribe to topics. ConSense WIKI is easy to understand, helps in everyday working life, and has a positive effect on employee motivation and cooperation as social QM and living quality management.

Benefits and Functions

Gathering Information

Entries on various topics can be quickly and easily created in the WIKI. This allows a range of information to be displayed for which, for example, no work instruction is required.

Relieves the Burden on Process and Document Management

Comments and questions on work practices, processes, checklists, and much more can be moved to linked WIKI entries. Employees have the opportunity to share their good practice knowledge in the WIKI. Experiences from different perspectives can be shared and discussed using the discussion function.

Structuring and Linking

Topic entries are sorted in hierarchy levels (tree structure) and can be linked to documents or processes.


Favorites can be individually defined and it is possible to subscribe to topics. This ensures that employees are always kept up-to-date.

Interactive Knowledge Management

Interactive knowledge management increases the company’s productivity.

Living Quality Management

Social QM promotes employee cooperation and motivation.


ConSense WIKI is fully integrated into the ConSense Quality Management System.

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