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Make your meetings more efficient, simply document your meeting minutes and clearly distribute tasks – all that with ConSense Minutes. 

With ConSense Minutes, you can structure your meetings easier, in order that they are more meaningful and more efficient. You always have an overview of all statements, resolutions, ideas, and can track tasks: Exactly who is doing what by when, and much more.

Benefits and Functions of ConSense Minutes 

  • Sensible and simple structure of your meetings
  • Fast and easy entry recording
  • Perfect documentation of statements, resolutions and tasks
  • Practical preparation of meetings and invitations to participants
  • Individual design of printout templates
  • Efficient task distribution and tracking
  • Task export to MS Outlook or to ConSense Action Management
  • Connection to the ConSense Taskboard

Meetings are often not as efficient as they could be. After a meeting, the responsibilities for some tasks may be unclear or attendees may forget what exactly was decided on a particular point. Employees who did not attend a meeting may not be included in the follow-up at all. ConSense Minutes helps you make meetings in your organisation more organised, structured and therefore more efficient. The time you save can then be used for other important tasks.

Speed and automation are crucial

It is best to use ConSense Minutes and simply write the minutes directly during the meeting. Project them onto the wall, so they are ideally visible to all attendees. This makes it easy for everyone to follow and you have less work with the editing afterwards. With ConSense Minutes you can prepare a meeting with an ease, e.g. planning agenda items and inviting participants. After the meeting, send your minutes to the attendees with the push of a button, also to the ones that did not make it to the meeting. Distribute tasks from the minutes including responsibilities and deadlines to MS Outlook or directly to ConSense Action Management (which is already integrated in ConSense COMPACT) for a follow-up.

ConSense Minutes won the German Innovation Award 2018.

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