Module: Risk Management

Risk Management in Practice

The latest version of quality management standard DIN EN ISO 9001 places great importance on risk management, i.e. the addressing of risks and opportunities that can impact on the achievement of defined corporate objectives. This is because the early detection of these risks is an important factor of successful corporate governance.

The amended standard sets companies the challenge of mapping possible negative influences on components, such as deadlines, costs, quality, environmental protection, and OHS, as part of their quality management.

Risks and Actions

The ConSense Risk Management module provides optimal support for companies in identifying, analyzing, evaluating, defining actions, and controlling corporate risks, as required in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 or ISO 27001, among others. The module supports these two as well as various other regulations.

The transparent preparation allows possible risks to be recorded at a glance. A reliable control system enables the timely introduction of effective actions. This allows corporate risks to be kept to a minimum.

Benefits and Functions

Flexible Specification of the Target Categories

Target categories can be established according to internal requirements, e.g. based on the required frameworks.

Systematic Risk Recording and Evaluation

Possible risks can either be assigned to certain processes or additionally defined assets with a flexible structure. Recording is simple: from risk identification through to risk analysis and evaluation, the definition of actions, and effective control.

Transparent Presentation by a Risk Matrix

The quick and easy classification of the probability of occurrence, risk benchmark, and tolerance is ensured by a practical tool, the risk matrix. A clear graphic preparation makes the risk assessment comprehensible at a glance.

Separate Risk Analysis and Evaluation

The risk evaluation can be performed locally for every necessary process or every asset.

Reliable Risk Management

An automatic escalation and derivation of actions, incl. workflows and monitoring, are ensured by the connection to the ConSense Action Management module.

Support for Various Standards

The regulations to be covered, such as ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 31000, COSO, KonTraG, and SOX, can be flexibly selected.

Full Integration

ConSense Risk Management can be easily integrated into the ConSense Quality Management System.

Rapid Data Provision

Reports can be compiled in an optimal print formatting at the push of a button.

Internal Control System (ICS)

Risk monitoring based on defined control activities is possible with the optional ICS extension.

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