Module: Skill Management

Skill Management in Practice

Retain expertise, acquire experts, and plan qualification requirements with a long-term vision: A detailed overview of available resources and the introduction of the necessary development steps are essential to ensure sustainable success with optimally qualified employees.

The sustainable qualification of employees for companies has become particularly important with regard to the increasing skills shortage and the general developments in the labor market. Besides this, standards and regulations in this context are placing increasing requirements on a company’s strategic and operational skill management.

Qualification and planning

The ConSense Skill Management module enables the professional, comprehensive and integrated management of qualifications, expertise, and resources by companies.

The Skill Management module supports the continuous systematic development and expansion of employee know-how. It enables a comparison with future goals at a personal and company level. This improves the company’s performance in the long-term.

Benefits and Functions

Systematic Inventory

The existing qualifications and expertise, and those required in the future, are recorded and cataloged in a structured qualification matrix.

Strategic Planning

The current and future requirements can be illustrated by linking the qualifications with processes and organizational units to enable optimal planning.

Demography Check

The identification of the qualification requirement and any bottlenecks, e.g. by creating an age distribution analysis, enables sustainable concepts to be developed.

Integration with Training Management

The target and actual qualifications can be compared to determine the specific need for action. It can be easily integrated into the Training Management module.

Monitoring Existing Qualification Profiles

For example, the results can be used to update necessary training sessions or qualifications.

Expert Search

For example, systematically prepared data with intelligent support functions enables a company-wide expert search.


Qualifications can be updated with filed evaluation catalogs and questionnaires. This is relevant, for example, after training sessions as part of personnel development and effectiveness checks.

Comprehensive Data Provision

All relevant data can be provided for personnel development, competency planning, as well as career and succession planning.

Full Integration

The module is part of the ConSense Quality Management System and can be connected to other modules as required.

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