Module: Training Management

Training Management in Practice

The lack of qualified personnel is the number 1 reason for slow growth within many companies and sectors. Companies in constant competition for customers and markets enjoy the greatest success when they consistently invest in the qualification of their employees. Strategic human resource development is one of the most important tools for ensuring and continually improving employee performance. Standards and regulations also focus intensively on strategic and operational human resource development.

Maximum Transparency in Development Activities

Transparency and Personnel Development

The ConSense Training Management module provides optimal support for companies along the entire personnel development process chain: from the planning, application, and approval of training sessions, and the documentation and effectiveness assessment, through to the automatic printout of certificates.

The Training Management module guarantees a clear overview, creates efficient and structured workflows, and offers intelligent functions to sustainably ensure and improve continuing education for employees.

Benefits and Functions

Convenient and Central Acquisition of All Data

All relevant information on development activities, such as the people, content, type of activity, location, and date, are centrally collected and coordinated.

Optimal Overview

The company-wide documentation and continuous representation of the current status of all training measures, as well as the structured organization of registrations, waiting lists, and recurring activities, ensure an optimal overview.

Simple Schedule and Registration Management

Training schedules and calendars can be created automatically. The registration status can be specifically monitored.

Automatic Evaluation and Effectiveness Control

The evaluation in clear reports based on freely definable criteria provides an insight into the relevant status and success.

Transparency in Personnel Development

The training activities for individual employees and organizational units can be tracked in a seamless history.

Full Integration

The module is part of the ConSense Quality Management System and can be connected directly to the Skill Management module.

Individual Creation of Certificates

Confirmations of participation are freely configurable and can be printed directly out of the system.

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