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More efficiency, transparency and acceptance for your quality management with ConSense QM software

A quality management system only reaches its full potential when all employees of a company are provided with the relevant information in a targeted, fast and up-to-date manner. In the long term, this can only be achieved if the effort required for the maintenance and administration of the management system is kept to a minimum for everyone involved.

With the ConSense QM software, you gain maximum transparency in all processes in order to continuously and sustainably optimise quality and processes in your company - with reduced efforts for installation, maintenance and administration as well as a particularly user-friendly application of the quality management system for more acceptance.

ConSense QM Software for your vital QM System 

  • For all industries
  • For all company sizes as COMPACT, PROFESSIONAL or ENTERPRISE
  • Efficient quality management according to ISO 9001
  • As an Integrated Management System (IMS) for unlimited additional standards and regulations

ConSense QMS allows you to look forward to external certification or re-certification with confidence.

With your ConSense QM system, you will meet all requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001. You will also receive complete electronic documentation support - and much more:

Advantages and Functionalities of the Quality Management Software ConSense QMS

  • All functionalities of ConSense PMS are included in ConSense QMS 
  • Your entire QM documentation in electronic form and your digital QM manual
  • Integration of documents and files of all kinds
  • Automatic document guidance: intelligent information flow in the company
  • Review and approval workflows as well as requests for information
  • Automatic revision and archiving
  • Version comparison with change tracking
  • Development and expansion of your quality management system (QMS), CIP
  • Personalized overview page with upcoming tasks and email reminders
  • Mapping of the organizational structure with dedicated roles and rights system
  • Comprehensive evaluation and reporting system

Quality management is effective when processes are fully documented, and the data and knowledge gained can be used quickly and easily as a basis for business decisions. The QM software ConSense QMS supports you optimally.

Employee acceptance is crucial

A quality management system in a company is efficient only if the employees accept and gladly use it. For this to happen, the QM system must be intuitive and user-friendly, the maintenance effort must be as low as possible and the content always up-to-date. It is also important that employees only receive the information they really need - in the current version and with a quick overview. Exactly this is our focus: The goal that we would like to achieve together with you is an accepted and lived QM system in your company. 

In addition, if your company has to comply with other quality management standards or even completely different areas in addition to ISO 9001 - no problem. In ConSense COMPACT and the IMS versions of ConSense PROFESSIONAL and ENTERPRISE, you can integrate all standards that are relevant for your company.

How big should your quality management system be? ConSense QM software is exactly as big as you need it to be: COMPACT, PROFESSIONAL or ENTERPRISE. 

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