Module: Action Management

Action Management in Practice

A company’s success depends on a functioning central action management. Necessary actions arise from a range of different sources, such as audits or complaints. Their complete and timely implementation is a key management task for companies, sites, departments, and employees.

Efficient Implementation and Control

The ConSense Action Management module ensures:

  • simple and convenient acquisition,
  • seamless implementation,
  • reliable control, and
  • the traceability of all actions defined and implemented in the company.

Benefits and Functions

Central action management and control

Actions may be created wherever a need exists, e.g. for CIP, audits, complaints, or key data. They can be centrally managed and controlled.

Individual Assignment of Responsibilities and Tasks

Actions can be assigned to employees, organizational units, and (in ConSense ENTERPRISE) also to locations.

Automatic Notification of Responsible Employees

The system can also send emails to employees to inform them of newly assigned actions and individual workflow phases of actions.

Escalation Management

The system emails those responsible if defined deadlines are exceeded. Managers can track the status of the actions for their employees.

Seamless Deadline Tracking and Verifiability

All outstanding, completed, and overdue actions can be tracked. Automatic reporting records outstanding or overdue tasks.

Convenient Search Function

The convenient search function allows all actions to be quickly located. It is also possible to jump directly to the action’s reference object and the associated attached data within the system.

Clear Documentation

Improvements achieved after the end of the action are systematically documented.

Analysis and Export of All Data

Clear records and reports, e.g. broken down by employees or departments, are created. These can easily be exported to MS Excel.

Recurring Actions

Regular actions can be defined with complete flexibility and automatically initiated.

Connection to ConSense Minutes

Assigned tasks from minutes of meetings in ConSense Minutes can be easily imported into the Action Management module.

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