Flexible solutions for management systems

You want to learn more about our software solutions and their areas of application? Are you looking for information on management systems? 

In this section you will find a wide range of information material for free download, such as brochures, technical reports, whitepapers, checklists and interesting facts about company-relevant topics.


ConSense Brochures
Brochures with information about ConSense GmbH and the ConSense products.

Business-relevant topics

Company Relevant Topics
Information about business-relevant topics, such as QM, process optimization, employee acceptance, and much more

Whitepapers and Checklists

ConSense GmbH whitepapers on various topics. Download our checklist to help you to choose the right software for you.

Technical Reports

Expert articles
Discover our technical reports with in-depth information, specialist analyses and expert opinions on specific QM topics.
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