IMS – Integrated Management System

The Software for your harmonised Management System

  • For all industries
  • For small, medium and large companies as COMPACT, PROFESSIONAL or ENTERPRISE
  • Unlimited standards and regulations under one interface

Easily reconcile different systems and regulations – with ConSense IMS. 

With your ConSense IMS, you can integrate several sets of rules in one single system just as you need them, among others ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and GDPR. 

The integrated management system enables the central recording and processing of different parallel systems in the company. That is how you can always have a clear overview of whether your company meets all the requirements of applicable standards. In addition, you will receive complete electronic documentation support - and much more: 

Advantages and Functionalities of the Software for Integrated Management Systems ConSense ENTERPRISE IMS


  • All functionalities of ConSense PMS and ConSense QMS are included in ConSense IMS
  • All standards, laws and guidelines under one uniform interface
  • Development and expansion of your integrated management system
  • Harmonisation of different management systems
  • International use thanks to innovative multilingual concept
  • Mapping of complex organizational structures of multiple sites
  • Browser-supported, web-based solution for mobile use of content

An integrated management system is useful, when parallel management systems are maintained in a company – even if it is "only" quality management and data protection or occupational safety. You should consider an integrated system the latest when you add another system, because parallel systems often lead to redundant data maintenance, bigger effort and interface problems. In addition, there is a danger that essential things will be more easily overlooked. With ConSense IMS you can map all your rules and regulations under one interface.

Transparency is the key to success 

For grown and heterogeneous system constructs, it is recommended to take a cautious approach to "system harmonisation”. Ideally, process and system worlds should be increasingly harmonised and extended by central, uniform standards - of course always focussed on the question of what is within corporate structures reasonable and what is beneficial to centralization. This is exactly where we are happy to support and consult you. 

If parallel systems are brought under a common user interface in an integrated management system and are made more transparent, companies will - among other things - achieve consistent process structures. This makes interfaces obvious and reveals optimization potential. In addition, occur often synergy effects that make your business processes even more successful.

ConSense IMS shows the point of view of your company from the perspective of a selected standard with a mouse click and shows where the room for improvement is.

How big should your integrated management system be? ConSense IMS software is exactly as big as you need it to be: COMPACT, PROFESSIONAL or ENTERPRISE. 

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