Quality management with ConSense software fully under control

Efficient quality management according to ISO 9001

The real power of the law: For many companies, DIN EN ISO 9001 specifies the binding requirements for quality management. The standard thus determines the requirements for processes and their documentation.

For other companies, industry-specific variations of ISO 9001 apply, such as IATF 16949, EN ISO 13485, EN 9100, IRIS or many others.
With ConSense software you fulfil all requirements of DIN ISO 9001 and receive complete electronic support for documentation. Industry-specific QM standards are also supported.

QM system ensures intelligent information flow in the company

According to your individual specifications, the ConSense QM system provides your employees with all necessary and relevant information. On their personalised homepage, employees can find out everything they need to know for their business area or the processes they are responsible for. The system organises the flow of information within the company by assigning rights and scenarios for approval and/or notification.

With ConSense software solutions you have DIN ISO 9001 securely under control. The system automatically documents all processes and manages all documents for you. You can look forward to external certification or re-certification with confidence.

If your company has to meet other standards in addition to DIN ISO 9001 - no problem, you can integrate all further standards that are relevant to you in ConSense ENTERPRISE.

A comparison of all ConSense solutions

We have drawn up a clear comparison table so that you can see all the functions, interfaces, expansion possibilities, and standards of the ConSense COMPACT, PROFESSIONAL, and ENTERPRISE solutions at a glance.

Here you can find a selection of our references.

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