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Diebold Nixdorf is one of the world's leading providers of IT solutions and services for retail banks and retailers. Its comprehensive portfolio of services is designed to optimise business processes in branches of banks and retail companies. Diebold Nixdorf is present in around 100 countries, 41 of which have their own subsidiaries.

The Swiss subsidiary Diebold Nixdorf AG, based in Brüttisellen, has integrated ConSense IMS ENTERPRISE into its company-wide compliance and internal control system in the sense of a compliance backbone system.

"From management processes to core customer management processes and internal support processes: All business processes are integrated into the system, ensuring that all procedures are compliant down to every operational level in the company," says Mario Parravicini, Commercial Director and Compliance Officer of Diebold Nixdorf AG, Switzerland.

Documents linked to the corresponding process steps

In ConSense, all internal guidelines, work instructions, forms and checklists of the company are stored in documents and directly linked to the defined processes, process steps and the internal control points recorded there. This ensures that the documents relevant to the process steps are automatically displayed in the right context and at the right time on the screen of the employee executing a particular process step. All employees are integrated into the internal control system (ICS) and are thus guided safely and compliant through all processes. The access rights are controlled according to the areas of responsibility: 95 percent of the users can view the processes and associated documents in a read mode. Five percent are so-called "power users" who can change and release processes or map and trigger workflows.

Diebold Nixdorf AG, Switzerland uses IMS ENTERPRISE with the modules Action Management, Key Figures and Reporting, Risk Management and the associated export module, as well as the standard interfaces for integration into the existing IT landscape.

Diebold Nixdorf AG, Switzerland relied on the experience and expertise of ZIMAC Schweiz GmbH for the development of the concept and subsequent implementation. Markus Zimmermann, CEO of ZIMAC Schweiz GmbH and Mario Parravicini emphasise the advantages of ConSense as follows: "With ConSense we have a powerful and at the same time user-friendly tool that optimally meets the requirements of an integrated compliance and ICS solution. Particularly, the simple adminstration of processes and access rights as well as the reliable version tracking are helpful to ensure that all employees have always direct access automatically to the current regulations at their workstations.".

Mario Parravicini summarises: "With ConSense IMS we can ensure that every guideline is tangible and that even the smallest operational unit of the company is brought to the attention. This ensures security and relieves management. With our transparent documentation and reporting, we are always ready to provide information and documentation regarding our compliance, even to third parties, such as in the case of an external audit.

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