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Successful QM in practice - The Emsland Group

Emlichheimer Kartoffelfabrik AG, founded in 1928 in Lower Saxony is today, under the name Emsland Group, Germany's largest producer of potato starch and the world's leading manufacturer of starch products, proteins, fibres, potato flakes and granulates for food, adhesives and building materials, textiles and pet food. The company with five production sites in Germany as well as agencies and representative offices in Europe, Asia, North and South America stands for the highest quality standards. Since 2007, the company has been operating its quality and hygiene management with the support of the ConSense IMS ENTERPRISE software, supplemented by the Audit Management and Action and Complaint Management modules. The ENTERPRISE solution is specially designed for large companies with several sites and considers their requirements. For the Emsland Group, criteria for the implementation included the possibility of decentralised work in a shared system, replicated databases that ensure security and fast access at all sites, site and company-wide regulated rights structures and approval processes, and support for multiple language versions.

Four years after the beginning of the project is Michael Hermann, Head of Occupational Health and Safety at the Emsland Group, convinced that ConSense IMS ENTERPRISE provides excellent support for the company in meeting all requirements of the various quality and management processes in compliance with the standards. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, the employees were also quickly convinced of the advantages of the new system. "Especially the functions of electronic release and revision as well as the comfortable search function have proven themselves to be very useful in everyday work", explains Hermann. The customers also benefit from the new software, which enables the employees of the Emsland Group, for example, to react to complaints in the shortest possible time. In addition, the cross-site complaint analyses created by ConSense IMS provides management information about causes, costs and risks at a glance.

During the introduction of the ConSense software, it was also important for the internationally active company to make the new system future-oriented right from the start. Michael Hermann emphasises with satisfaction: "The Emsland Group is constantly developing further. And thanks to the ENTERPRISE solution, ConSense IMS is constantly growing with it".

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