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Successful QM in practice - Radatz Wiener Fleischwaren GmbH

Fine cheese kransky, meat loaf, ham, spicy Debreziner sausages and much more can be bought in Vienna and the whole of Austria from the production of Radatz Feine Wiener Fleischwaren Gesellschaft m.b.H.  The now largest meat-processing family business in Austria not only sells its products through its 24 specialist shops and factory outlets, but also supplies over 100 Viennese sausage stands and the most important supermarket chains in Austria.  Since 1998, Stastnik G.m.b.H., manufacturer of high-quality salami, bacon, cabanossi and turkey meat products, has also been part of the company managed by Dr. Franz Radatz, which has around 960 employees.
The sausage products produced here are subject to the strictest quality controls. Seamless traceability in the production chain is obligatory in order to ensure optimal consumer protection. Radatz had been using its internally developed QM system from 1995 and decided to modernise its QM system to ConSense in 2010. 
ConSense IMS ENTERPRISE not only excellently supports the certification according to ISO 9001, but also the International Featured Standard Food (IFS-Food) on a higher level, according to whose specifications Radatz produces.  This makes it easier for the group of companies to comply with all important laws, standards and norms at all production sites. One of the greatest challenges in the conversion to the new system was the transfer of the enormous amount of existing data.

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