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IT services, installations and logistics: Werkstatt Lebenshilfe optimises its quality management with ConSense IMS 

Werkstatt Lebenshilfe im Bergischen Land GmbH (WLH) and Lebenshilfe Service gGmbH (LHS) are companies of the charitable institutions Lebenshilfe Rhein-Wupper and Lebenshilfe Lindlar. They employ around 350 full-time staff who provide a wide range of services for people with disabilities: from participation in working life for 400 people with mental and physical impairments within the framework of a workshop for people with disabilities, to outpatient and inpatient residential services, early intervention facilities and day care centres for children.

Integrated management system combines different standards

In mid-2014, the ENTERPRISE version of the ConSense IMS software solution was installed for the integrated management system. This solution is designed for companies with several sites. The QM system can be used everywhere at the various WLH and LHS sites distributed throughout the region. ConSense IMS supports a large number of standards and regulations – at WLH these include DIN EN ISO 9001, 17025 and 13485, the HACCP regulation as well as the company's own operating standards – and enables them to be mapped, including the complete corresponding reporting system.
The system supports the operational processes by mapping the complete organisation including job descriptions. Documents are created, checked, released and published in ConSense IMS in accordance with applicable standards. "One of our goals when introducing the system was to optimise processes through automated workflows. For this purpose, we use ConSense FORMS, the electronic form management, with which we can create intelligent and dynamic forms and workflows – even without extensive programming knowledge," explains QM manager Michael Kraus.

Management is a leading example in the use of the system

Michael Kraus sees a major reason for the successful introduction of ConSense in their management putting the system into practice: The management uses the system to approve the processes and documents. 
"Axel Pulm is a manager who supports the ConSense management solution. This means that the information stored in the system has a high value and is binding, which makes it difficult to work without it," explains the QM representative.

In the meantime, ConSense is used by all employees. Since version 10.4, ConSense offers another innovation that makes WLH's work even easier: the possibility to easily create tutorials. This is a new type of document that can be used to easily and quickly create individually designed instructions from images and text that clearly illustrate procedures. "We use tutorials, for example, to describe computer production processes or to explain assembly instructions step by step to our automotive customers," explains Kraus. 

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