Module: Complaint Management

Complaint Management in Practice

Carefully and promptly evaluating and responding to customer complaints can avoid unnecessary costs, immediately initiate improvements and quickly restore customer satisfaction. This creates trust, increases customer satisfaction and ensures lasting customer loyalty.

These evaluations often also provide indications of possible errors in production or the performance of the service, and are therefore valuable starting points for optimizing company processes.

Complaints and Customer Satisfaction

The ConSense Complaint Management module is a powerful instrument for recording, processing, and analyzing complaints. The simple, intuitive use of the system reduces the processing time, relieves the burden on employees, and improves customer satisfaction. The careful evaluation of complaints received identifies improvement potentials. This enables the targeted implementation of the necessary corrections and allows costs to be reduced.

Benefits and Functions

Flexible Adaptation to Company-Specific Requirements

Existing form templates can be individually laid out depending on specific requirements, processes, and organizational structures.

Maximum Transparency through History and Discussions

All changes are documented in a seamless history. A discussion platform allows involved employees and organizational units to exchange ideas on specific complaints.

Reliable Escalation in Case of Transgressions

If defined limits are transgressed during processing, those responsible can be notified by email.

Connection to the Action Management Module

The necessary steps can be automatically initiated and systematically monitored. Decision-makers have access to all information at all times.

Configurable Risk Assessment

Support with assessing risks and the impact of recurring errors on the company simplifies the derivation of the necessary actions.

Comprehensive Documentation and Reporting Function

The simple and structured recording of defects, causes and causal agents, and reports are automatically created for previously defined periods, organizational units, or certain types of complaints.

Connection to External Databases and Systems

Data from existing systems, such as ERP, CRM, etc., can be easily exchanged and integrated.

Full Integration

The module is part of the ConSense Quality Management System and can be connected to other modules as required.

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