Solution: Interfaces and Data Transfer

Interfaces and Data Transfer in Practice

Many companies use a range of automated systems for different tasks, e.g. ERP, PPS or CRM solutions, specific solutions from the individual departments (HR, Accounting, Marketing, etc.), or even comprehensive complete solutions. Each of these systems contains central company information of importance for various tasks, which should be able to be used as flexibly as possible.

LDAP/ADS Interface

The LDAP/ADS interface in the ConSense solutions enables the straightforward connection of existing employee directories, such as the MS Active Directory Services, LDAP systems, or metadirectories. The automatic or manual enrichment of the existing employee data reduces the maintenance effort to an absolute minimum. Archive functions also ensure the relevant compliance requirements. Reports and notifications facilitate administration.

XML Export

The XML export allows any information to be prepared and presented in a structured XML format. The precise specifications of the XML format used, incl. BPML 2.0, can be adapted based on the specific customer and application requirements.

Runtime Export

Runtime export enables a static image of the management system to be created for users without ConSense software, e.g. as preparation for external auditors or for the specific generation of snapshots. The management system’s entire process and document structure can be saved in a HTML structure. For example, together with the associated PDF documents and processes this creates a navigable stand-alone CD. The presentation can be adapted by corresponding HTML templates.

File Synchronization

The file synchronization regularly and automatically exports documents from the management system to external servers or drives. The files can be stored in any directory and assigned HTML overview pages. This allows selected contents to be used without ConSense access: For example, organizational instructions for a department or files and forms for external customers, which are provided on the internet site. Special filters enable the targeted selection of the content.

PDF Export Module

Exporting MS Office documents as ADOBE PDF files means that these can also be read by, for example, customers or suppliers without ConSense by using the free PDF reader. Selectable picture qualities, high encryption, the integration of watermarks and author attributions, as well as protection against manipulation and printout are supported.

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