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ConSense International in Practice

Maintaining a management system at an international level is particularly challenging: Content, such as documents and processes, needs to be provided in different languages. Across national borders, there are often also location-specific differences and legal regulations that need to be considered. As a result, companies don’t just need documents and processes in different languages, but also with different content. Without appropriate solutions, in practice, this often means that requirements are not met, and a failure to involve all employees, or an extremely high maintenance expense.

Multilingualism and Variants

The ConSense software solutions are available in more than 15 languages and were specifically developed for the special features of management systems in international use. Main and sub-components of contents can be created in order to easily integrate location-specific content consistently in the management system.

Various functions, such as automatic translations and automated workflows to approve documents and processes, also facilitate everyday activities in the system. The automatic personalization of the management system for every user by language and location ensures that all content is comprehensible and easy to find, even in a complex management system.

Benefits and Functions

Matrix Organization and Location Hierarchies

Flexible organizational structures allow content to be provided at the department or function levels, as well as for various locations and regions. This provides optimal support even for highly complex international structures.

Individual Interface Language

Employees can choose between more than 15 interface languages when using the software solutions.

Managing Variants

The content of documents and processes can be easily created in any language with the ‘Variants’ functionality. This enables language as well as legal requirements to be reflected beyond national borders. Changes can easily be tracked, revised, and controlled.

Local and Multilingual Use

The complete software solution, incl. additional modules, supports different languages – including multiple languages simultaneously, such as glossary entries and processes.

Automatic Live Translation

Live translations of processes and documents help those responsible manage the diversity of languages and variants in the organization and in the system, and to automatically translate new objects in other languages.

Full Integration

The use of management systems at the international level is completely integrated into the ConSense Quality Management System.

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