Module: Measuring and Test Equipment Management

Measuring and Test Equipment Management in Practice

Measuring and Test equipment is a key part of quality assurance. Maximum product quality can only be sustainably achieved, if the appropriate measuring and test equipment undergoes systematic monitoring and regular checks. Only then can product tests permanently lead to valid results.

Maximum reliability in measuring and test equipment management

The ConSense Measuring and Test Equipment Management module supports those responsible in the systematic monitoring of the measuring and test equipment in use, and also ensures permanent compliance with DIN EN ISO 9001.

The module provides all the necessary functions to reduce routine measuring and test equipment management activities. Clear and transparent management and monitoring prevents non-conformities in the end products. This significantly reduces the number of complaints resulting from errors. The module therefore makes a material contribution to cost savings.

Benefits and functions

Clear measuring and test equipment management

Support for recurring tasks and deadlines facilitates processing. The test equipment can be arranged in configurable and clear hierarchies.

Systematic data acquisition

Clear measuring and test equipment lists can be created. Information can be stored on suppliers and sources of all test equipment.

Detailed description and orderly selection criteria for the measuring and test equipment

Combining similar measuring and test equipment into groups and categories leads to precise results during evaluation and in the search function.

Integrated Document Management

Relevant documents, such as drawings, photos, certificates, operating instructions, and guidelines, can be quickly and easily integrated as attachments. Elements already stored in the ConSense system, such as work instructions or tutorials, can be easily linked.

Monitoring the Test Dates

Test and calibration dates and intervals can be separately defined for every item of test equipment. An optional email notification can also be set up.

Clear Visualization

The test dates are displayed in clear graphic overviews. Optimal traceability is ensured by a seamless ‘test equipment life cycle’ in a comprehensive history.

Export interfaces to easily exchange information

All data can be provided as Excel or PDF documents.

Testing aids and work equipment can be integrated

Besides test equipment, the module also supports testing aids and work equipment.

Import function

A barcode scanner enables the rapid acquisition of large quantities of test equipment.

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