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Mobile Solutions in Practice

In fast-moving times, business decisions require information to be as up-to-date as possible. Unrestricted access to up-to-date business data is extremely important for many responsible persons, as decisions need to be reached at an increasingly faster pace, including on the go. Mobile support provides a company with maximum flexibility.

Mobile Access and Topicality

To provide mobile support, ConSense offers a simple connection of the ConSense Quality Management System to mobile terminals. This enables mobile quality management.

Users are supplied with up-to-date information, and document or process descriptions from the management systems anytime and anywhere.

Benefits and Functions

Optimized Display

The display of the ConSense content and navigation through the process and document structure is adapted to the smaller displays of mobile terminals.

Quick Access

A structured search function, links to your specific favorites, and the relevant process and documentation descriptions ensure quick access.

Acknowledgment Function

New information and changes can be immediately confirmed online. Important notifications can be confirmed directly by employees on the go using the acknowledgment function.

Multiple Platforms

Whether smartphone or tablet, from BlackBerrys to iPads – the purely browser-based mobile solutions can be used with any terminal, and are aligned to the most significant platforms.

Simple Prerequisites

The mobile solutions generally only require the PDF module, which is mostly already in place, and the ConSense Web module.

The Following Terminals are Supported:

  • BlackBerry devices: smartphones and tablets with BlackBerry 10 OS or higher
  • iOS devices: smartphones (iPhone 4 or higher) and tablets (iPad2 or higher), each with iOS version 5 or higher
  • Android devices: smartphones and tablets with Android version 4.0 or higher
  • Windows devices: smartphones with Windows Mobile (version 7 with IE) or Windows Phone and tablets with Windows Platform

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